Finalists 2020

We inform you that, due the situation consequent the Covid-19 emergency, the finals of the competition “Officine Social Movie” will not be hand at the end of June as planned.

The new dates of Festival are from November the 30th to December the 2nd and it will take place live from Cinema Eden on Teletruria tv channel.

From November the 20th It will be possible to vote best short movie on this page, 

the short movie that will get the most votes will win the “Giuria Popolare best movie” award.


The finalist selected to participating to the first Officine social movie festival are as follows:


Finalists category BEST SHORT MOVIE:

Luna de sangre minera by Jaime Garcìa Parra

Miedos by Germàn Sancho

Alèjate by Joaquim Macho

Nikè by Javi G. Mediavilla

El sindrome de Jorge by Julio Antonio Espinosa Pena

Il primo giorno di Matilde by Rosario Capozzolo

Il fagotto by Giulia Giapponesi

Black out by Giuseppe Rasi

Torta de calabacìn by Fernando Dìaz


Finalists category PRODIGIO DIVINO:

Lay them straight by Robert Deleskie

Imilla by Mayra Nieva

Torta de calabacìn by Fernando Dìaz


Finalists category BEST SOUNDTRACK:

Antonio Montoya for Luna de sangre minera by Jaime Garcìa Parra

Antoni Miranda for Coplillas por Bombay by Jaume Miranda

Kai Etxaniz for Camaleon by Pau Torrano


Finalists category BEST YOUTH LANGUAGE:

Liebesbrief by Marcus Hanisch

Il mondiale in piazza by Vito Palmieri

Amateur by Simone Bozzelli


Finalists category BEST DIRECTION:

Aitor Gonzàlez Iturbe for Croquetas

Germàn Sancho for Miedos

Giuseppe Rasi for Black out


Finalists category BEST SCREENPLAY:

Francesco Cocco for Agua y jabòn

Josè Luis Santos for Le vivre ensemble

Alfredo Merlo for Trabalenguas di Gretel Suarez


Finalists category BEST ACTRESS:

Lucia Lorè for 11 by Piergiorgio Martena

Celina Fernàndez Ponte for Sin Aliento by Uxìa Santiago

Alice Balzoni for Sansone by Chiara Centioni


Finalists category BEST ACTOR:

Julio Antonio Espinosa Pena for El sìndrome de Jorge by Julio Antonio Espinosa

Riccardo De Filippis for Il primo giorno by Matilde di Rosario Capozzolo

Giga Imedadze for Pizza boy by Gianluca Zonta



Alèjate by Joaquim Macho

Not for money, not for love, not for nothing by John Robert Lee

Sand signs by Hermes Mangialardo