25 February 2020

All the awards that will reward to winners are offered by 🍷Prodigio Divino, thanks to Bruno Tommassini, Edoardo Marziani and Fabio Canino.
ℹ️Prodigio Divino – Freedom of taste : a wine made with heart, by the creative free from prejudices. the personal experiences melt with the avantgardist mental scheme and the project becomes even a challenge for a better world, made of equality and that respects the freedom of taste.
Yes the freedom of taste; why a sosubjective parameter like the taste, in reality hide a big objectivity: the freedom of self-expression.
The basic philosophy sees the wine as a vector and the “freedom of taste” the message. The message is a real cultural challenge: the one of civil rights.
And to the enhancement of every diversity. Part of the turnover will be used to support actively campaign against bullying in general and in particular against the homophobic one.